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Hello English Assessments solution is the most comprehensive way toadjudge any candidate's spoken English level accurately, andquickly. Hello English is Asia's most downloaded English learningplatform with over 20 Million learners.Spoken English plays a hugerole in the perception of any organization's brand. This assessmentplatform would empower you to screen candidates for their Englishspeaking skills, and optimize your recruitment effort.Key aspectsjudged:★ Pronunciation: correctness of pronunciation★ Fluency:speed, punctuation and correctness of speaking★ Vocabulary: depthof word knowledge and usage of English words in practicalsituations★ Comprehension: ability to understand spoken English anddraw conclusions out of it★ Sentence construction: understanding ofEnglish grammar and sentence construction in English.The HelloEnglish Assessment Test doesn't require the test taker to have anyspecial infrastructure. The tests run right on their Androidsmartphones, ensuring immense scalability and ease of use. Thetests are fully proctored, ensuring that there's is no cheating.Asa recruiter, you get in-depth analysis and summaries of eachcandidate's performance across all key parameters in real time, oncentralized dashboards - saving thousands of hours of recruitmenteffort, and the cost associated with the same. As a job seeker, youget to showcase your spoken English abilities and get a chance tointerview for your dream job!Hello English Assessments App hascurrently been launched for partner organizations and Hello Englishcontest winners only. It will soon be made available for purchasetoo. Watch this space for more action!Interested in exploringfurther? Email us at [email protected] today!
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This version is only for Project UPER participants (Rajasthan) aswell as for Employees of Partner Organizations and Businesses. Youwill need an access code to use this app. All other learners shoulduse Hello English: Learn English ( Red H icon)