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Choxi Inc.
The choxi app is your one-stop shop for everything you love - andvalue you won't believe. Browse through hundreds of brand-nameapparel, electronics, accessories, beauty products, and more forincredible prices you just won't find anywhere else.The choxi applets you shop for your favorites anytime, anywhere, so you nevermiss a great deal. Check us out at 12 Noon EST (or get alerted!) toget your dose of unbeatable savings and fantastic selection!Here's just a few of the great features:- Be the first to know when new deals and events go live! Activatenotifications.- Browse through hundreds of fantastic items all at yourfingertips- Fast access to our easy to use checkout- Stay informed of your account order history and shipmentdetails- Share, tweet, post, and earn fantastic choxi rewards on yourmobile deviceThere's new deals and amazing new events each and every day, andcreating an account is easy - and free!
이마트몰 – emart mall
대한민국 1등 할인점 이마트! 모바일 이마트몰이 최대 반값 세일로 여러분의 장보기 부담을 쓱~줄여드립니다. 몰이동을통해, 백화점은 물론 SSG.COM까지 이마트몰 APP하나로 이용할 수 있어요. 1. 오반장 (오늘의 반짝 장보기) 매일오전 9시! 최대 반값! 소셜커머스를 능가하는 상품들로 찾아갑니다. 오늘은 어떤 상품일까요? 매일매일 이마트몰에서확인하세요. 2. 금주의 신문광고 이마트가 진행하는 전단광고나 신문광고 보셨나요? 점포행사 그대로! 모았습니다. 이제온라인에서 쉽게 쇼핑하세요. 3. 행사중 세일을 많이 하는 상품, 사은품 주는 상품! 찾기 어려우실때, 행사중 매장에서편리하게 쇼핑하세요. 4. 늘사던거 한 방에 엄선한 60개 인기 품목으로 빠른 장보기를 지향합니다. 여기서, 놀라운사실! 자주 찾으시는 품목은 맨 위로~편집해보세요. 5. 자주구매 이마트 매장과 온라인에서 구입한 점포상품! 마음에들어서 또 사게되고, 자주 찾게 되시죠? 로그인 하시면, 자주구매 메뉴가 쓱~생겨납니다. 6. 오늘은 e-요리 오늘은 뭘해먹지? 삼시세끼 고민될때! 제철요리, 행사상품의 레시피 정보와 장보기를 한방에~ 7. 선물서비스 장을 보고, 결제만대신 부탁할 때는 선물 조르기! 옵션이나 배송지를 몰라도 친구에게 선물주고 싶을때는 선물하기! 8. SSG TALK(쓱톡) 뭐 살지 고민될 때, 친구와 쓱톡! 상품이 궁금하면 1:1 셀러톡~ 친구의 주소를 몰라도 간편하게 쓱톡으로선물할 수 있어요. 이제 매장의 새로운 소식도 쓱톡으로 만나 보세요. 9. 카드 Push알림 내 카드가 할인 할 때,행사하는지 궁금하시죠? 앱 설정에서 고객님 카드를 체크하시면, 카드 행사를 Push로 알려드립니다. * 몰이동 탭을누르시면 SSG, 신세계백화점, 신세계몰로 쉽게 이동할 수 있습니다. * 문의 및 불편 접수 사용 중 불편하신 점이나,문의사항은 아래 메일 또는 고객만족센터로 보내주시면, 친절하게 답변 드리겠습니다. 문의 메일 :[email protected] 모바일 고객만족센터 :[ APP 접근 권한 안내] 서비스에 필요한 접근권한에 대해 안내 드립니다. ① 필수적 접근 권한 *) 기기 및 앱 기록: 앱 실행시 구동 오류확인, 사용성 개선 ② 선택적 접근 권한 해당 기능을 이용할 때, 동의를 받고 있으며, 동의를하지 않아도 서비스의 이용이 가능합니다. *) 사진/카메라/마이크 : 포토상품평 작성시, 스캔검색, 쓱톡 메신저 *)주소록/SMS : 쓱톡 친구 불러오기, 선물하기 연락처 가져오기 *) 위치 및 블루투스 : 스타필드하남 슈퍼샵 모드시사용 *안드로이드 6.0미만 버전의 스마트폰에서는 OS특성상 [선택적 접근 권한]에 대한 사용자 선택 이 제한됩니다.---- 개발자 연락처 : +8215884349 Republic of Korea E-Mart discountstores, including one! Mobile E-Mart Mall sseuk the burden of yourshopping will be reduced by up to half - three days. Go through themall, department store, of course I am available to one SSG.COMMart Mall APP. 1. ohbanjang (today's shiny shopping) 9:00 a.m.every day! Up to half! Navigate to the product that surpassessocial commerce. What are some products today? Please check everyday at E-Mart Mall. 2. This week's newspaper ad Did you see flyersor newspaper ads Mart is going on? Store Events Stay! We collected.For now easily shop online. 3. In the event of It deals a lot ofsales, giveaways that product! Find silttae difficulty, please shopfrom the convenience store during the event. 4. neulsa deongeo inone room The carefully selected 60 Quick-oriented shopping popularitems. Here, surprise! Often looking for items Explore Top-editing.5. frequently purchase Mart store goods purchased in stores andonline! Another bout entered the mind is, do you wear often find?If you login, you often buy blossomed menu sseuk ~. 6. Today, e-cooking Today, not a hammock doing? When contemplating three mealsa day! The recipe information and shopping seasonal cuisine, theherbal product Events - 7. Gift Service See the chapter, when askedinstead only pay joreugi gifts! Knowing to give a gift to a friendor shipping option when you want to have a gift! 8. SSG TALK(sseuktok) What you will not live worried, sseuktok with yourfriends! If the goods are wondering 1:01 cellar Talk ~ To know theaddress of a friend I can easily gift sseuktok. Now you can alsomeet with sseuktok news of the store. 9. Push Notification CardWhen my card for discounts, hasijyo wonder what event? Please checkyour card in the app settings, please inform the exercise cards toPush. * Press Tab to move the drive can be easily moved to the SSG,Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Mall. * Contact anddiscomfort accepted That you are comfortable while using orinquiries, please send a mail or customer satisfaction centerbelow, we will kindly answer. Contact e-mail: [email protected] Customer Center: [APPpermission Guide] We guide you through the necessary access to theservice. ① essential access *) Devices and apps History: check theapp running when driving errors, improve usability ② selectiveaccess When using this feature, and getting consent, Without theconsent of the service it is available. *) Photograph / camera /microphone: When creating Photo Reviews, scan, search, messengersseuktok *) Contacts / SMS: sseuktok friends import, to presentimport contacts *) Location and Bluetooth: Star field, Henan SuperShop Mode Use * Android version 6.0 under OS smartphone in natureUsers are limited to select [Optional access.
Bhinneka Mentari Dimensi, PT
Indonesia's most popular online shopping,references  and e-commerce site specializing in IT,electronics, photography and much much more. Check out our regularpromotions of various items. We also feature news and reviews of latest events and products inthe market. With over 15,000 listed items, we cover categories from computerrelated products, peripherals, photography and lighting equipments,electronics, gadgets, white goods, etc. With more categories anditems being added on regular basis, we are virtually THE place tolook and source for computer and gadgets in Indonesia. Being one of the first websites in Indonesia, we cover shipments toall over Indonesia. Supported by some of the largest banks andpayment systems, we offer a list of flexible yetsecured payment scheme to suit your need. Features:-Search, view, and buy products-Get new arrivals & hot items-My Account:You can register or log in to the app. Be Bhinneka.Com member andget the benefits.-Confirm payment-Store location-Order Tracking : We provide tracking information of your order so you can follow theprogress of your order and shipment-Service TrackingYou can track last status of your product service
Versus is the comparison app which helps you make informeddecisions with everything from product purchases to citydestinations. Thanks to Versus making the right choice has becomemuch easier.Versus is the sophisticated comparison platformpresenting facts stripped of marketing influence, easy todigest—from phones to cities, over 30 product categories. Thenumber of categories is getting bigger.Compare: phones, cameras,CPUs, tablets, headphones, graphics cards, cities, sports watches,single speakers, PC and gaming headsets, camcorders, monitors,fitness trackers, game consoles, motherboards, TVs, all-in-one DJMIDI controllers, universities, robotic vacuum cleaners, washingmachines, projectors, mobile phone headsets, gps navigationsystems, scanners, e-readers, SSDs, smartwatches, MP3 players,voice recorders, MV* frameworks, ski resorts, washer-dryers, tumbledryers.Additionally, Versus News is integrated into the app,offering the latest tech news in English a.s. - Best shop and deals forelectronics, computer technology and much more, with over 50,000different products in stock and ready for immediate deliverythroughout Europe!- Optimised for comfortable shopping on tablets- Browse the extensive product catalogues of Electronics, Toys,Beauty & Fashion and Sport- Over 50,000 different products- Rich product descriptions, photos and customer reviews- Filter products by brand and specification- Order History & Tracking- Special Offers- Intuitive controls and gestures
Amazon Mobile LLC
Shop our complete grocery and aisles, choose home delivery times, view past purchasesand place your order quickly and easily. Enjoy convenient ways toshop for groceries, including search and browse, and barcodescanning.Note: This app is intended for use by customers receivingdeliveries in the Seattle and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Allpurchases made on AmazonFresh are routed through Amazon's secureservers just as they are on the Web. Prices are in U.S.dollars.
Verizon Accessories
Verizon - VZ
Need a charger? Want a new case? Verizon has you covered. Use theVerizon Mobile Accessory Store app to conveniently purchaseaccessories for your devices and track your orders on-the-go!
Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals
DoveConviene srl
On Shopfully, you’ll find deals at Walmart, Target, Kmart, DollarTree, Bed Bath &Beyond, Big Lots, RadioShack, Staples,Coldwater Creek and many other big-name stores!ShopfullyInternational Group is a leading digital platform used by over 30million users worldwide when getting ready to go shopping in theirneighborhood. The platform contains a variety of informationincluding details about promotions, new products, shops, openingtimes and contacts of the main retailers and brands in eachshopping category, geolocated in one place and easily accessible tousers.Shopfully is eco-friendly: it helps save trees bytransforming paper ads to digital format, making it easy to flipthrough them when you want and where you want using yoursmartphone, tablet or computer without harming the environment.Don't miss out on the best offers, with Shopfully you can save themand organize your shopping. Consult your saved offers in any momentin the Memo section and always know when they are about to expire.An alert will notify you when the promotions are about to end. Mainfeatures of app:✔WEEKLY ADS: quickly search and browse all theweekly ads in your neighborhood✔ DEALS: discover the best deals ofthe week selected by our staff✔ MAP: use the built-in map to findthe location of any store including address and phone number, thenchoose your preferred navigation program to get directions with oneclick✔ STORE HOURS: decide where to do your shopping on Sundays andholidays thanks to always up-to-date store hours✔ ALERTS: getnotified of the latest sales and price cuts at the stores where youshop✔ FAVORITES: save your favorite ads and deals so you can easilyaccess them while shoppingTo send us feedback or ask a question,write to [email protected]’ll find big name retailers such asWalmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, BedBath & Beyond and many others. Never miss a sale!Saving moneywith paperless weekly ads and catalogs is a breeze with Shopfully,making it easy to find the best deals and promotions when you shop!Save your favorite ads and catalogs with the tap of a finger andflip through them whenever you want!
The Club
The official Club app for Bargain Booze and Select Convenience. TheClub gives you access to exclusive offers, competitions and yourown Club ID to scan every time you shop for a chance to win! Getsuper-easy access to all the Club benefits with our app: Clubexclusives ● Save money with Club exclusive offers that no one elsecan get. Birthday Treat ● We treat our mates right, so we’ll giveyou a little something on your birthday. Club welcome ● To saythanks for becoming part of the Club, we’ll give you a gift whenyou sign up. Club Competitions ● We’ve always got some amazingprizes, and the Club is your chance to get your hands on them. ClubNews ● We know we’ve got all sorts you’d like to hear - be thefirst as part of the Club. Club High 5 ● Show your ID at the tillevery time you shop for a chance to win a fiver right there andthen.
eBay Kleinanzeigen for Germany
eBay Classifieds Group
*Perfect for searching and posting freeclassified ads in your neighborhood in Germany. No matter if it's aused car, a flat for rent, second-hand furniture, a new job, orstuff for the kids. With the eBay Kleinanzeigen app, you can findover 20 million ads in more than 280 categories -­ for free.Install the free app now and get started!*Features*[✔] Post your ads for free----> Select a category, write a description, take a picture,and you’re ready to go[✔] Find ads near you----> Choose your location or use GPS to see all adsnearby[✔] Always up-to-date----> The latest ads from your neighborhood wherever youare*In these categories, you can find, sell, buy, swap, and give awayalmost anything*• Cars, bicycles & boats• Family, baby & kids stuff• Leisure, hobby & community• Home & garden• Jobs• Flats & houses• Pets• Multimedia & electronics• Music, film & books• Fashion & beauty• Tickets• Free stuff & stuff to swap/trade• Classes & lessonsIn case of suggestions or problems, you can send us e-mails [email protected] or call us at 033203/851555(available on workdays from 10.00 to 12.00 am and from 2.00 to 5.00pm)
Kijiji by eBay: annunci gratis
eBay Classifieds Group
Kijiji, il servizio di annunci locali di eBay, è l’app ideale perchi deve cambiare automobile, lavoro, casa o stile di vita. Puoimettere in vendita in un attimo ciò che non usi più, messaggiarecon acquirenti e venditori e concludere l’affare di persona, tuttogratuitamente. Puoi anche acquistare i tuoi oggetti preferiti dielettronica, moda, arredamento e tanto altro nella tua zona e alprezzo che vuoi tu. Vantaggi per chi acquista: - Puoi messaggiarein tempo reale con il venditore dal tuo smartphone o chiamarlo -Puoi cercare per parola chiave o consultare liberamente categorie elocalità - Puoi ordinare i risultati per “Prezzo” o “Data diPubblicazione” - Puoi salvare gli annunci preferiti o condividerlicon gli amici - Puoi trovare il lavoro, i servizi o gli oggetti piùvicini a te Vantaggi per chi vende: - Puoi scattare una foto coltuo smartphone (o sceglierla dalla galleria) e sarà subitodisponibile per creare l’annuncio. - Ci vogliono solo due minuti acompilare il form per mettere online l’annuncio - Puoi comunicarevelocemente e in tempo reale con i possibili acquirenti grazie allanuova funzionalità “I miei messaggi” - Puoi gestire le tueinserzioni dalla pagina “I miei annunci” e tenerle sempre sottocontrollo Kijiji, the local ad service eBay is the perfect app foranyone who has to change car, work, home or lifestyle. You can puton sale in an instant what you no longer use, texting buyers andsellers and conclude the deal in person, all for free. You can alsobuy your favorite items from electronics, fashion, furniture andmore in your area or at the price you want. Benefits for buyers: -You can real-time messages with the seller on your smartphone orcall - You can search by keyword or consult freely categories andlocations - You can sort the results by "price" or "PublicationDate" - You can save your favorites or share them with friends -You can find the work, services or objects closer to you Benefitsfor sellers: - You can take a picture with your smartphone (orchoose it from the gallery) and will be available to create yourad. - It only takes two minutes to fill out the form to place thead online - You can quickly and communicate in real time withpotential buyers through the new feature "My Messages" - You canmanage your listings from the "My Ads" and keep them under control
Buycott - Barcode Scanner Vote
Buycott Inc.
Buycott helps you use your dollars to create change. Use ourbarcode scanner to get the unfiltered look at every product in thestore. Join the millions of people taking action with BuycottBarcode Scanner. As seen on CNN, Forbes, FOX, ABC, and more! ● HOWIT WORKS ● * Join campaigns to support causes you care about. * Useour barcode scanner to learn a product's history. * Make a purchasedecision on the product and communicate your decision to thecompany. ● FEATURES ● + Support causes by joining campaigns createdby some of the world's best non-profit organizations. We havecampaigns to boycott products from companies opposing GMO labeling,using child labor in chocolate, Monsanto, and countless otherissues that consumers need to be aware of. + Come across a productthat doesn't match your values? Check out the suggestedalternatives to find a product that's a better match. + Broadcastyour purchase decision to create impact and get your friends andfollowers involved. + Barcode scanner has wide internationalproduct support. + Create your own campaign from Don'tjust be a voter on election day -- take power into your hands everyday as a worker, consumer, and citizen. ● PERMISSIONS ● We takeyour privacy very seriously. Below is an explanation of everypermission that we ask for when you install the app, and a completesummary of what we use it for: + Location: We only use yourlocation for determining nearby actions, trending campaigns, andtrending products. + Contacts: If you try to invite a friendthrough the app, we access your contacts to provide you with a listof friends. Under no other circumstances do we access yourcontacts. + Camera: We only access your camera when you arescanning a barcode.
Cdiscount : N'économisez pas votre plaisir
À la recherche des meilleures offres ? Bienvenue chez Cdiscount :)Découvrez des millions de produits aux prix les plus bas, desventes privées, des ventes flash et des centaines d’offres chaquejour. Avec l’application votre shopping en ligne est simplifiéjusqu’à la livraison chez vous, en 2 temps 3 clics ! Et vousprofitez de nombreux avantages supplémentaires : -Plus de bons deréductions -Une navigation facilitée -Un challenge chaque jour avecde nombreuses récompenses à gagner -Un paiement simplifié : CB,Lydia, Apple Pay, cash -Un outil de réalité augmenté pour voir lesproduits en situation chez vous -Des modes de livraison adaptés àvos besoins : petits colis à domicile ou en point retrait, groscolis à domicile sur RDV ou en point retrait. Vous souhaitez plusde détails sur nos univers ? Nous avons des millions de produitspour le quotidien, l’équipement et l’entretien de votre maison :-L’électroménager (cuisine, cuissons…) -Les meubles (canapés,literie…) -La déco (mobilier, literie, linge de lit, linge demaison, luminaires, canapés…) -L’informatique (ordinateursportables, imprimantes, écrans, disques durs, réseau,consommables...) -Le High Tech (télévisions, TV curve, TV 4K,appareils photo, caméscopes, MP3/4, Hi-Fi, téléphonie, GPS, gaming,matériels photo et impression, objets connectés...) -Le bricolage(outillage, peinture, chauffage, sanitaires, électricité, sécuritédomotique, maison connectée…) -L’embellissement de votre jardin /terrasse (salons de jardin, piscines, barbecues, et tous leséquipements et accessoires plein air…) -La mode (prêt-à-porter,chaussures, maroquinerie, beauté, montre, bijoux, lunettes,bagages…) -Le sport (vêtements, chaussures, sacs, montres,matériels, accessoires…) -Les loisirs (musique, livres, jeux vidéo,DVD, art créatif…) -La puériculture et l’univers bébé (jouets,maternité, équipements, accessoires, alimentation…) -Le monde debébé (jeux d’éveil, jouets, décoration, déguisements, trottinettes,voitures…) -La gastronomie -Le vin -L’auto-moto -L’animalerieProfitez également des services Cdiscount pour vos loisirs et votrequotidien, avec Cdiscount Voyages, Cdiscount Énergie et CdiscountMobile. Et n’oubliez pas ! Vous avez besoin d’informations survotre commande ? Vous rencontrez une difficulté, un bug ? On répondà toutes vos questions depuis votre espace client, nos pagesFacebook et Twitter ou en nous écrivant à [email protected] for the best deals? Welcome to Cdiscount :) Discovermillions of products at the lowest prices, private sales, flashsales and hundreds of offers every day.   With the applicationyour online shopping is simplified until delivery to you, in 2times 3 clicks! And you enjoy many additional benefits: -Morediscount coupons -A facilitated navigation -A challenge every daywith many rewards to win -A simplified payment: CB, Lydia, ApplePay, cash -An augmented reality tool to see products in your homesituation - Delivery methods adapted to your needs: small parcelsat home or point withdrawal, large parcels at home by appointmentor point withdrawal. Do you want more details about our worlds? Wehave millions of products for the daily life, equipment andmaintenance of your home: -Electroménager (cooking, cooking ...)-Furniture (sofas, bedding ...) -The decor (furniture, bedding, bedlinen, linens, lighting, sofas ...) -Informatics (laptops,printers, screens, hard disks, network, consumables ...) -The HighTech (televisions, TV curve, 4K TV, cameras, camcorders, MP3 / 4,Hi-Fi, telephony, GPS, gaming, photo and printing equipment,connected objects ...) -The DIY (tools, painting, heating,sanitary, electricity, home security, connected home ...) - Thebeautification of your garden / terrace (garden furniture, swimmingpools, barbecues, and all outdoor equipment and accessories ...)-The fashion (ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, beauty, watch,jewelry, glasses, luggage ...) -The sport (clothes, shoes, bags,watches, materials, accessories ...) -Holidays (music, books, videogames, DVD, creative art ...) -The baby care and baby universe(toys, maternity, equipment, accessories, food ...) -The world ofbaby (play games, toys, decoration, disguises, scooters, cars ...)-Gastronomy -Wine -L'auto motorcycle -L'animalerie Enjoy Cdiscountservices for your leisure and everyday life, with CdiscountVoyages, Cdiscount Energy and Cdiscount Mobile. And do not forget !Do you need information about your order? You encounter adifficulty, a bug? We answer all your questions from your clientarea, our Facebook and Twitter pages or by writing to us [email protected]
Voonik Online Shopping App
In Voonik you can shop for women's fashion, kids fashion, home& lifestyle, ethnic wear, western wear, lingerie, handbags,watches, footwear, beauty products, accessories, jewelry & muchmore at everyday low prices.Perfect destination for those who shoponline. Shop for clothes that suit your body shape, skin tone &style.DISCOUNTSMore than 1 million products available with up to80% discountAPP FEATURESFREE STYLIST RECOMMENDATIONShop for fashionthat flatters your body shape, color choice and personal style.Voonik’s personal shopping engine curates fashion merchandise fromall top online shopping stores and brands. Voonik shopping app isFree & provides personal stylist!LARGEST CATALOGUE FOR WOMENFASHIONThere is something for all the women in voonik app. Withover 10,00,000 products from over 10000 stores/brands, Voonikoffers the largest catalog for women fashion, kids fashion, homedecorEthnic wear: Sarees, Kurtis, Kurtas, Churidars, Pakistanisuits, Designer wear, Suit Sets, Lehangas, Dress Materials, EthnicSuits, BlouseWestern wear: Dresses, Tops, Tees, Jeans, Denims,Shorts, Skirts, Leggings, Jeggings, Trousers, Formal wear,Swimwear, Maternity wearWinter wear: Shrugs, Jackets, Woolenclothes, Scarves, Sweaters, SweatshirtsKids: Baby clothes, Toddlerclothes, Boys ethnic, Girls ethnic, Kids dresses, Boys/girlssweaters, Sweatshirts, Tops, Tshirts, Night wear, Party frocks& gowns, Cute kids wear, Designer kids clothingLingerie: Bra,Panties, Sleepwear, Shapewear, Lingerie sets, Erotic Lingerie,TowelsAccessories: Watches, Sunglasses, Bags, Slings, Clutches,Wallets, Chains, Earrings, MangalsutraFootwear: Shoes, Sandals,Heels, Wedges, Platforms, Flats, Boots, Slippers, Flip-flopsBeautyProducts: Makeup, Hair care, Personal care, Cosmetics, Kajal, Nailpaint, Lipsticks,FragrancesHomestore: Bedsheets, Bedding sets,Pillow cases, Cushions, Cushion covers, King size bedsheets, Duvetcovers, Blankets, Curtains, Drapes, Kitchen curtains, Sheer,BlindsINSTANT OFFERSGet instant sale alerts sent via notificationsin-app, SMS and email on products, brands and collections frommultiple online storesSTYLE TIPSOur stylists have curated looksthat match each of the 10,00,000 products listed on theappLOVELISTSLike products with a single swipe action and create alovelist of all your favorite itemsCHAT WITH FRIENDS ON SHOPPINGShare on WhatsApp, facebook and twitter to take a friend’s opinionon your latest fashion find for a first date, wedding or apartySEARCHOptions to refine the search by popularity,discounts,newarrivals,party wear,wedding wear etcFASTPay as cash on delivery(COD),net-banking,credit/debit cards,wallets (Paytm,Mobikwik)EASYRETURNS15 Days, no hassle return policySOCIAL CONNECTIVITYLog inseamlessly using Facebook. Share your shopping list on WhatsAppwith your friends and make an informed choiceBEST PRICEGUARANTEEThe app looks for the best women's sale, Kids’ sale onevery style across all online shopping stores and applies themautomatically. Get prices lower than all other online fashionportals in IndiaBRANDSWomen: Zovi, Forever21, Mango, Yepme,FabAlley, Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline, Anouk, W, Biba, Sangria, Elle,Lavie, Enamor, Amante, Only, Maybelline, PrettysecretsKids:AD&AV, All About Pinks, Babeez world, Beebay, BonOrganik,Budding bees, Colorfly, FirstClap, GoodWill, Lil Orchids, Lula,Mumma Mia, Pikaboo, Popees, Queen Anee’s label, eStyle, XNsportsHome: U LOVE, Carrolite, Halowishes, Ocean Homestore,Gallery99, Skipper Furnishings, Rhome, [email protected], V Brown, BrightCottonHappy Shopping!Please share your feedback on [email protected]
Appie van Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
Met Appie wordt boodschappen doen nóg makkelijker en persoonlijker.Je kiest zelf hoe je boodschappen doet bij Albert Heijn: bij jou inde supermarkt of online. Maak makkelijk een boodschappenlijst -Gebruik de productenvinder, barcodescanner of kies uit je eerdereaankopen. Klik op het plusje om een product toe te voegen. - Bekijkalle Bonusaanbiedingen en zet ze direct op je boodschappenlijst.Log in op de voorpagina om direct je persoonlijke Bonusaanbiedingente zien en toe te voegen. - Kies uit ruim 20.000 producten – netzoveel als in een AH XL winkel. - Blader door en zoek op ruim 16000recepten uit Allerhande en voeg de ingrediënten toe aan je lijstje.- Log in met een Mijn profiel en onder andere je lijst metbewaarde recepten zijn ook op andere apparaten beschikbaar. Vind jeboodschappen snel terug in de winkel. En ontdek het gemak vanmobiel zelfscannen - Sorteer het boodschappenlijstje op delooproute in je eigen AH winkel. - Link makkelijk naar de AHZelfscannen app, scan zelf je boodschappen met je smartphone enreken af bij een betaalpaal. Mogelijk bij alle winkels metzelfscannen. Bestel direct alles op je lijstje - Zet jeboodschappenlijstje om in een bestelling en laat de boodschappenbezorgen. - Zelf ophalen kan ook, je bestelling staat dan opafspraak klaar bij een Albert Heijn Pick Up Point. - Kies hettijdstip dat je het best uitkomt. - Een bestelling aanpassen kantot aan de dag voor de bezorging. Appie is er om het je makkelijkte maken. Heb je ideeën over hoe het nog beter kan? Ga via het menunaar ‘Over Appie’, klik op ‘Feedback’ en stuur ons jouw feedback.Ook de Klantenservice van AH Online is via Appie direct bereikbaar.Met het downloaden van deze applicatie ga je akkoord met dealgemene voorwaarden die van toepassing zijn op het gebruik vanAppie en de diensten die via Appie worden geleverd. Je kunt zenalezen op Op deze applicatie ishet privacy- en cookiebeleid van toepassing dat je kunt nalezen Appie is een gratis service van Albert HeijnB.V., ingeschreven in Handelsregister KvK Amsterdam onder nummer35012085, gevestigd aan de Provincialeweg 11 (1506 MA) te Zaandam.Aan deze applicatie zijn geen abonnementskosten verbonden. WithAppie is grocery shopping even easier and more personalized. Youchoose how you are shopping at the supermarket: in your localsupermarket or online. Create a simple list - Use the productfinder, barcode scanner or choose from your previous purchases.Click the plus sign to add a product. - See all Bonus Offers andput them directly on your shopping list. Log on to the front pageto instantly see and add your personal Bonus Offers. - Choose fromover 20,000 products - as many as a AH XL store. - Browse andsearch more than 16,000 recipes from Allerhande and add theingredients to your list. - Sign in with a My profile andinclude your list of saved recipes are also available on otherdevices. Find your groceries quickly back into the store. Anddiscover the convenience of mobile self-scanning - Sort theshopping list on the route in your own shop AH. - Link easily tothe AH Self-scanning app, scan your own groceries with yoursmartphone and take out to pay a pole. Possible at all stores withself-scanning. Order now everything on your list - Put your grocerylist to send in an order and leave messages. - Get yourself also,your order is then done by appointment at Albert Heijn Pick UpPoint. - Choose the time which suits you best. - Modify an ordercan until the day before the delivery. Appie is there to make iteasy. Do you have ideas about how it could be better? Go to themenu "About Appie", click on "Feedback" and send us your feedback.The Customer AH Online via Appie directly accessible. Bydownloading this application you agree to the terms and conditionsthat apply are provided on the use of Appie and services overAppie. You can read them on Thisapplication is the privacy and cookie policy applies that you canread on Appie is a free service of Albert HeijnBV, registered in Amsterdam Trade Registry under number 35012085,located at Provincialeweg 11 (1506 MA) in Zaandam. no subscriptionfees associated with this application.
Ibotta: Cash Back Savings, Rewards & Coupons App
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Yahoo Japan Corp.
毎月5のつく日にポイントが5倍になるのはアプリだけ! 2.9億の品揃えの日本最大級の通販モール!お買い物はYahoo!ショピングアプリで買わないと損! ----- ■はじめてのダウンロードから30日間 アプリで買うとポイント2倍!進呈するポイントは期間固定Tポイントを含みます。Yahoo! JAPAN,LOHACO,GYAO!以外のサービスで利用できません。有効期間がありますのでご注意ください。 ----- 毎月5のつく日はアプリで買うとポイント5倍!Yahoo!ショッピングをはじめてご利用の方は+1倍! ソフトバンクユーザーでスマートログイン設定をされた方は+5倍! Yahoo!JAPANカードを利用すると+2倍! そしてYahoo!プレミアム会員なら+4倍! 合計すると、なんと最大17倍のチャンス!!----- ■Yahoo!ショッピングの特徴■国内最大級の60万以上のストア、約2.9億点の商品とロハコ(LOHACO)商品のなかから、あなたにぴったりの商品を選べます。取扱商品は、 - ファッション(人気のシューズやブランド品も) - 食品、飲料 - スマホグッズ(スマホカバー、充電器など) -アウトレット商品 - 季節商品(お花見グッズ、入学祝いの贈り物、卒業祝いのプレゼントや関連商品など) など種類豊富!【便利な新機能!】 ・生ライブ通信でストアの顔が見えます。 ・検索でヤフオク!の商品も探せるようになりました。・商品詳細から、より安い商品を見つけることが出来るようになりました。・ポイントくじやクーポンなど、おトクな情報を逃さないよう、アプリ内でお知らせします。・お届け希望日やキャンペーンをカレンダーに登録する機能を追加しました。 【くじでポイントがザクザクたまる!】・毎日挑戦できるポイントくじで、最大1000ポイント当たる! お買い物回数に応じて、必ず当たるショッピングくじに挑戦できます。たまったポイントは、Yahoo!ショッピングやヤフオク!などのYahoo!JAPANサービスをはじめ、LOHACO、GYAO!等のサービスで利用できます。 すでにTカードをお持ちの場合、Yahoo!JAPAN IDにTカード番号を登録すれば、Tカードでためたポイントを初回のお買い物からご利用いただけます。また、ポイントキャンペーンの開始・終了などのおトクな情報をはじめ、ポイントの有効期限が近い時や、ポイント獲得時にもプッシュ通知でお知らせします。お得な買い時を逃しません!【お得なセールや特集が盛りだくさん!】 ・水曜22時は人気ストアによるナイトフラッシュセールを開催中!・毎日更新の82円&半額セールも好評実施中! ・対象ストア限定のポイント10倍キャンペーンもお見逃しなく!■Yahoo!ショッピングの人気商品■ ・Nintendo Switch(ニンテンドースイッチ) ・Google Home・北海道のカニ ・大人気コミックス「ONE PIECE」最新刊 ・H&M ・GU ・Forever21 ・Ikea(イケア)・ユニクロ(UNIQLO) ・無印良品 ■Yahoo!ショッピングの人気ストア■ ・Adidas ・PUMA ・ABC MART・ASBEE ・LOCOMALL ・WORLD ONLINE STORE ・FASHIONWALKER ・cecile ・THESUITCOMPANY&UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE ・Triumph&AMO'S STYLE ・Joshin ・コジマYahoo!店 ・EDON Yahoo!店(エディオン) ・ケーズデンキ ・ソフマップ ・キムラヤ ・カメラのキタムラ・二子玉川 蔦屋家電 ・dyson store ・ray cop ・KARCHER ・BOSE ・ニトリ ・TOKYU HANDS・Smanio ONLINE SHOP ・ToysRus(トイザらス) ・ANKER ・福岡ソフトバンクホークス 公式グッズショップ・予防医学のアンファー ストア ・DHC ・なんでも酒や カクヤス ・ENOTECA■Yahoo!ショッピングではさまざまなカテゴリからあなたにぴったりの商品を探すことができます■ 【ファッション】レディースファッション メンズファッション 腕時計、アクセサリー 【食品】 ドリンク、水、お酒 スイーツ、スナック、お菓子、おつまみ米、雑穀、粉類 魚介類、海産物 肉、フルーツ 野菜 麺類、パスタ パン、乳製品、卵 惣菜、料理 漬物、佃煮、納豆、乾物、乾燥豆類、缶詰調味料、油 製菓材料、パン材料 非常用食品 【アウトドア、釣り、旅行用品】 釣り アウトドア、キャンプ、登山、プレジャーボート、ヨット旅行用品 海外おみやげ 【ダイエット用品、健康】 コンタクトレンズ、ケア用品 メガネ、老眼鏡 補聴器 ダイエットマッサージ、リラクゼーション アロマグッズ 冷え対策、保温グッズ、 花粉症対策グッズ 電子タバコ、禁煙グッズ、サプリメント医薬品、矯正用品、健康管理、救急用品 介護用品 【コスメ、美容、ヘアケア】 スキンケア、基礎化粧品、メイクアップ、メイク道具 ネイル香水 フェイスケア ボディケア 日焼け止め 脱毛、除毛、デオドラント ヘアケア  【スマホ、タブレット、パソコン】 スマホ本体スマホアクセサリー ウェアラブル端末 タブレットPC本体 電子書籍リーダー ノートパソコン本体 プリンター、3Dプリンターパソコン周辺機器、ソフトウェア 携帯電話 【テレビ、オーディオ、カメラ】 テレビ ブルーレイ、DVDレコーダー、アンテナ、イヤホン、ヘッドホン スピーカー、オーディオ機器 ホームシアター カメラ ビデオカメラ 【家電】 冷暖房器具、空調家電生活家電 キッチン家電 美容家電 健康家電 【 家具、インテリア】 テレビ台、キャビネット ラック、シェルフ、本棚チェスト、プラケース、キッチン収納 ランドリー、サニタリー収納 ソファ、椅子、スツール、デスク、机、照明、ベッド、布団、寝具 こたつ時計 玄関家具 オフィス家具 【花、ガーデニング】 生花 造花、観葉植物 盆栽、苔玉 種、種子 球根、種芋 苗 苗木、植木水生植物、資材 ガーデニング、園芸用品 農具 【キッチン、日用品、文具】 食器、カトラリー 調理用具 キッチン、台所用品酒、ケース、水筒 タオル バス、洗濯用品、掃除用具 家庭用品 文具、販促、防災、防犯、セーフティ 冠婚葬祭、宗教用品 ギフト券【DIY、工具】 道具、工具 材料、産業用 オフィス用品、産業用品 【ペット用品、生き物】 犬用品 猫用品 鳥用品 小動物用品ペットフード、動物用医薬品 【楽器、手芸、コレクション】 楽器、器材 手芸、画材、アート用品 美術、工芸品 コスプレ衣装実験、占い、開運、手芸、コレクション 【ゲーム、おもちゃ】 テレビゲーム おもちゃ、模型、プラモデル パズル ボードゲームカードゲーム パーティグッズ ダーツ ビリヤード 囲碁、将棋、麻雀 【ベビー、キッズ、マタニティ】おむつ、授乳、ベビー服、ベビーカー本体、ベビー、子ども服、子ども用寝具、子ども用自転車、産後ウェア、産後用品 【スポーツ】 ゴルフスノーボード スキー フィットネス、トレーニング マラソン、ランニング 野球 サッカー、フットサル テニス バスケットボール ■推奨環境 サポートOSはAndroid 4.4以上です。 ■その他 本アプリケーションはYahoo!JAPAN利用規約、ガイドラインをご確認のうえ、ご利用ください。 ・Yahoo! JAPAN利用規約 ・プライバシーポリシー・ソフトウエアに関する規則(ガイドライン)★間違えやすいキーワード ヤフーショッピング、やふーしょっぴんぐ、yahoo shopping,やほお,yahoo 写真:アフロ
Lenskart - with 3D Try On
Lenskart Pro - with 3D try on - The app with the widest collectionof Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Lenses. India’s No. 1 online shoppingApp for Sunglasses, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses, PrescriptionSunglasses & Eyewear Accessories. Log on. Play on. – With thenew Lenskart App, that makes it more convenient for you to access awhole new world of eyewear on your phone. Now, get addicted to aninfinite fashionable range of eyewear, avail exciting offers &outstanding services, and place an order anywhere, anytime with theofficial Lenskart Application. Get acquainted with new arrivals andbest-sellers as they make their way on international runways. Theexclusive ‘recommended’ section on the App will help you zero in oneyewear styles that best suit your face. Features: • INFINITEEYEWEAR: Access the abundant collection of eyewear by premiumbrands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, Vincent Chase, John Jacobs,Chhota Bheem, among many others. • SUIT YOUR STYLE: Browse throughthe bestsellers, new arrivals and the recommended pairs ofeyeglasses & sunglasses as per your face shape and personalstyle. • LATEST COLLECTION: Don’t forget to go through the ‘LatestCollection’ section to know about new offers, styles and eyewearcollection. • BOOK HOME EYE CHECK-UP: An expert optician will visityou at your convenient hour and test your eyes at your home/office.• Select products that you want to try at home before buying. •Shop from a range of 100% authentic brands. • Unbeatable prices •Order online & pay CASH ON DELIVERY • Scan product barcodeswith the camera • Live chat with the customer support team • Availthe 14 days return policy VIRTUAL MIRROR: It’s as good as trying ondifferent eyeglasses and sunglasses and checking yourself out inthe mirror. With Lenskart’s advanced virtual mirror, you don’t justget to try on eyewear real time; you can also get playful with theinfinite range. Click & upload your image on the virtual mirrordirectly from your mobile camera; try on eyeglasses &sunglasses online; share them on Facebook or twitter. All this& much more to get you #AddictedToLenskart. Download now &explore it for yourself!
Trade Me
Trade Me
Experience Trade Me in a new streamlined, elegant and feature richway – whether you’re chilling at home or cruising around out andabout. We’re working our butts off to deliver you an app that earnsits place on your device. Here are just some of the reasons wethink you’ll like it: - Search or browse all Trade Me categoriesand refine results to find exactly what you want - Bid on thingsyou fancy like that bright pink phone cover or new rugby top -Purchase Buy Now items using your credit or debit card - Receivepush notifications when things in your Watchlist are closing soonor when you’re outbid - Sell all those bits and pieces you nolonger need across most categories - Take photos of what you’reselling to spruce up the listing and give yourself a better chanceof a sale - Ask questions about things you’re interested in buyingand answer questions if you’re selling stuff - Use member feedbackto help in your buying decisions - Save important searches asFavourites to view again later - Become an authenticated member andreap the benefits - Credit your Trade Me account and list items tosell until your heart's content - Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace
Alibaba Mobile
The app is a leading wholesale mobile marketplace forglobal trade. Buy products from suppliers around the world, allfrom the convenience of your mobile device. Buy & Pay withconfidence Alibaba Trade Assurance fully covers your purchases whensuppliers do not meet the product quality and delivery schedulespecified in the agreed contract. Customized products Suppliershave years of experience in customizing products, fulfilling thedemands from sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish, etsy, mercari, lazada,etc. Easy sourcing Browse millions of products from industry-widecategories. Post Request for Quotations (RFQs) and receive pricequotes quickly. Fast shipping Alibaba partners with major freightforwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions withon time delivery , tracking information and fair pricing. PopularCategories covers a wide range of popular categoriesincluding hot and trending consumer products, also featuresindustrial and raw materials categories Product quality undercontrol Chose's Inspection Service, making sure ordersmeet the quality standards specified in your contract. Discount& Promotions Pick the best deals from factories offeringdiscounts and promotions. Stay in the loop Buyers on app can follow their favorite suppliers to stay up todate on new products and promotions. Languages & currenciessupported supports 16 popular languages and 140 morelocal currencies. Now you can use Alibaba Real-time Translator tocommunicate with sellers in mother tongue.
Is it Kosher?
KosherDev apps
This app will help you to choose kosher products and drinks in anyshop. Find all the possible products allowed from the point of viewof Jewish dietary laws. All the the databases are taken fromorganization following kosher rules of Orthodox Judaism. Findkosher products and prices in any supermarket anywhere in theworld. App aggregates kosher alerts from all over the world. OurSources come from the following sources: OU, Kosher USA KashrutCouncil of Canada South Africa Kosher Israelitische CultusgemeindeZürich, Switzerland Manchester Beit Din Kashrut Division, UKCouncil of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit, USA App got the 3rdprize in The Conference of European Rabbis contest for InternetEntrepreneurs Prize 2013. App is officially approved by DutchJewish Congregation( our page on Facebook share your experience or ask questions. Just enter the name ofthe product and press Search, app will scan kosher authoritiesdatabases for the kosher certifications details. Currently the morethan 150 databases are supported from more than 70 countries:Compare prices for the selected products. Now you can get pricerange for a favorite product in various shops List of koshere-Numbers is obtained from the site NOTE: ALL INFORMATION IS TAKEN FROM THE UPPERMENTIONED LIST OF AUTHORITIES AS IS. PLEASE DO NOT RATE THECONTENT, AS SOON AS I PROVIDE ONLY SEARCHING ENGINE. IF YOU CANNOTFIND SOMETHING, CONTACT PROPER AUTHORITY FOR IMPROVEMENTS. You canalso try our web app
Etsy: Handmade & Vintage Goods
Etsy, Inc
Shop millions of one-of-a-kind items and find the perfect thing foryou. With the Etsy app, you can easily explore our globalmarketplace of handmade, vintage, and creative goods. It featurescurated collections of inspiring gifts for him or her, uniquewedding ideas, and handmade jewelry. And personalizedrecommendations for stylish jewelry, art, clothing, and furniturewill also help you find exactly what you need (or really, reallywant). Join our 29+ million members around the world and getsomething that’s truly special. The whole world of Etsy is in theapp: - Save items and shops as favorites to revisit them later -Get notified the minute an order ships - Talk directly to shopowners to get all of your questions answered - Explore curatedrecommendations tailored to your taste - Check out swiftly andsecurely using our full suite of payment options, including AndroidPay - Discover upcoming events and nearby stores featuring Etsysellers - Now available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian,Spanish, and Japanese If you have an Etsy shop, our free Sell onEtsy app has all of the tools you need to manage your shop: processorders, add listings, view your shop stats and more. Visit oursupport page: Report problems with theapp: Get site statusupdates: About Etsy Etsy is a marketplacewhere people around the world connect to make, sell and buy uniquegoods. Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build amore fulfilling and lasting world.
Dew Solutions
Download the free Cilory app and shop for t-shirts, kurtis,dresses, suits, jewellery, etc. Cilory offers free shipping, easyreturns & Cash on Delivery. Buy with confidence, as alltransactions are securely processed. Shopping with Cilory app is100% private and safe, while also being very convenient. Get backto us with what makes this app good for you or what could be donebetter. Drop us a mail at [email protected] For general queries(including order related), email us at [email protected] HappyShopping! -Cilory
Kupony zniżki promocje -Droply
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Jófogás - Apróhirdetés
Tele vagy olyan tárgyakkal amiket nem használsz már és csakfoglalják a helyet? Szükséged van valamire, de nem szeretnéd ateljes árat fizetni érte? Költöznél, de nincs lakótársad? Vagy éppmunkát keresel? Ezekre és még rengeteg másik kérdésre a válaszegyaránt: a Jófogá! Böngéssz régió szerint, vagy akárországosan! Válaszd ki a kívánt kategóriát vagy írd be akeresőmezőbe, hogy pontosan mit szeretnél, és azonnal kedvedreválogathatsz a rengeteg apróhirdetés között! Vedd fel a kapcsolatota hirdetővel telefonon, emailben vagy akár SMS-ben is, ha pedig azoldalon keresztül írsz neki, Postaládádban láthatod azüzenetváltásokat! Spórolj időt és használd a Jófogást mobilról is!Milyen lehetőségek vannak az alkalmazásban? - Böngéssz a letisztultlistázási oldalon. - Keress a három szintű kategóriáink között. -Legkedveltebb kereséseidet, hirdetéseidet mentsd el a Kedvencekközé. - Adj fel hirdetést gyorsan és egyszerűen. - Tölts fel képetközvetlenül a telefonodról. - Hozd létre saját Felhasználói Fiókot.- Szerkeszd vagy emeld ki hirdetésed. - Kezeld üzeneteidet aPostaláda fül alatt. Az alkalmazást a felhasználói visszajelzésekalapján folyamatosan javítjuk.