enter2game Apps

Up Now 1.0.3
Get ready for a challenge with the Up Now, test your skills to thelimit dodging obstacles and see how far you can get. With simplegameplay, you will play on the left or right of the screen to dodgeobstacles and the faster you tap the screen, the faster willrise.Challenge your friends in order to know who can gofurther.Game Features:- What you can put up with maximum reach-Post Ranking on how far arrived- Share and challenge yourfriendsContact: [email protected]
Animated Animals for Babies 2.0.12
Animated animals is a super interactive application for your childhave fun while learning the sound of more than 20 differentanimals. Kids love it!This educational game works with the learningprocess and encourages the development of skills and gaining newknowledge through painting and fitting games with graphics andanimations that hold the child's attention."Excellent! My babyloved!" - Kezia G."I recommend Excellent application for child'slearning." - Adolfo C."My brother really likes, he plays everyday." - Luis M."Show, recommend! The best of this style I've everseen!" - Raysllan N.Available in 8 languages ​​(English,Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese andRussian), the game teaches the names and sounds of differentanimals and allows the language development of the child, inmultiple languages.Features:- Animal Animations- Sounds of morethan 20 animals- Several languages ​​for your choiceQualify andcomment our app and help us to get better and better!We are alwaysworking to improve the application ever.The mission of Enter2Gameis making Animated Animals an application that goes beyond a hobbyand be an educating tool for development of children and is at thesame time a lot of fun for them. We believe the best way to learnis with fun.
The Holy Bible 1.1.0
The Holy Bible King James Version and Revised loyal with all books,chapters and verses Bible.Features:- Fully offline, ie it does notneed access to the internet for read;- Possible search for the nameof the book, chapter or verse- Fully intuitive with quicknavigation- Information clean and light- Ability to share or copythe verse.- Marking a verse as favorite or important- King JamesVersion and Revised Fixed loyal- Available in three languagesPortuguese, Italian and English
Paint Animals 1.2.0
Coloring for drawings is an application that stimulates cognitiveability of the child he has 4 categories with more than 30images.With graphics and animations aimed at children, theapplication works with other learning processes and stimulates thedevelopment of basic skills and acquisition of newknowledge.Aligned policy and mission Enter2game, Coloring forDrawings goes beyond a free app:it demystifies the idea popularlywidespread that the act of playing is simple hobby,no moreimportant functions that children's entertainment in the funactivities.The game can be understood as a pedagogical tool forchild development.
Balloons Pop 1.1.0
Bursting Balloons is a super interactive application for your childto enjoy bursting balloons of letters, cars, animals while learningthe alphabet and numbers. Kids love it!This educational game workswith learning processes and stimulates the development of skillsand achievement of new knowledge with graphics and animations thathold the child's attention.Features:- Burst Balloons- Baloes de;Animals, Vehicles, letters, numbers and animations.Qualify andcomment on our application and help us to improve more and more!Weare always working to make the application better andbetter.Enter2Game's mission is to make Burst Balloons anapplication that goes beyond a hobby and is an educational tool forthe development of children and that is both very fun for them. Webelieve that the best way to learn is with fun.
Memory Game 1.0.0
The goal is to turn the cards and go memorizing the drawings andthe positioning of them. Thus, when turning a letter, you have tofind the pair in her game.Choose several different topics, amongthem binquedos, animals, cars and many more.