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Computer Desktop Encyclopedia 38.0
For more than 30 years, the most comprehensive andeasiest-to-understand high-tech dictionary. There is nothing likeCDE. FUNDAMENTALS for BEGINNERS. REINFORCEMENT for EXPERTS. LEARNTHE "CORRECT" LINGO AND TECH TERMS - TALK LIKE A PRO EVERY ITCONCEPT BOILS DOWN TO SIMPLE BASICS, which are the underlyingfoundation in every CDE definition. FEATURES * Instant search ofmore than 25,000 definitions about computers and consumerelectronics. Zoom into noteworthy illustrations, photos, charts anddiagrams. Every day, look up Tech Term of the Day (TTOD) for arandom definition. * Micro to mainframe: covers PCs, Macs, Unix,Linux, Internet, networking, broadband & telecom, fiber optics& lasers, major products and vendors, wireless &smartphones, acronyms, buzzwords, current topics, etc. *Informative historical content and major product descriptions. *Superior cross referencing and a powerful lookup engine. Find outwhy PC Magazine gave us their highest dictionary award andGovernment Technology said we're the "Rolls Royce of ComputerDictionaries."